Appropriate Christmas Gifts to Give Your Boss

Buying Christmas gifts for your parents, spouse, and best friend is usually pretty easy, since you know them well and know what they like. But when it comes to selecting an appropriate gift for your boss or your coworkers, the selection can get a little bit tricky. A nice desk calendar or yearly planner is an excellent choice for the very busy boss who needs to keep track of his or her busy schedule. Sculptural penholders and desk organizers are also nice. Donít just get your boss a boring black plastic penholder, but instead look for creative ones that come in all different shapes, sizes and materials.

If you donít have a traditional desk job or want to get your boss something a little bit different, then find out what they like to do in their spare time. Perhaps if they are a golfer, you can get them a nice basket of golf related goodies such as balls, tees, and small golf tools. If they enjoy reading or writing, a nice journal and pen is a good selection. If you run out of ideas, you can always try a nice restaurant gift card, so your boss can enjoy a relaxing night out.

Getting something for coworkers can also be a little tricky, depending on your relationship with them. Many companies will do a name draw, so you only get one gift for one person that you work with. A good rule of thumb at Christmas time is to make something delicious and bring it in during the company party to share with everyone. Some people feel obliged to buy Christmas gifts for their boss, while others shy away from it. Ultimately the choice is yours, but be sure you choose something they will appreciate that is not too over or understated.