Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

Millions of Americans spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts each year. While lavish presents can make for a wonderful holiday, it’s not always possible for most of us to spend large amounts of money on everyone on our list. DIY (do it yourself) or handmade gifts are a wonderful alternative to store bought gifts, and they show your loved ones how much you care. In addition, it’s a great way to show others your talents and skills in ways you may not have thought of before. Homemade baked goods are a popular gift and they’re something that everyone can enjoy. You can make cookies, brownies, or other goodies and then package them in a nice glass or metal canister that the person can re-use.

If food is not something you want to give as Christmas gifts, you can try your hand at arts and crafts. Some people like to knit or crochet blankets and give them as presents. Others make handmade jewelry, which is a beautiful choice for the female friends and family members in your life. Candles can also be made by hand and are a lovely choice. Add scented oils to the wax to make a great smelling candle. You can create very nice stationary by using rubber stamps or calligraphy, and this is a beautiful gift for a schoolteacher or a friend who enjoys writing.

Think about all of the people on your list, and brainstorm ideas of things you think they’d enjoy that you could make yourself. Browse your local arts and crafts store for some ideas, and check out some books at the library as well. You will find that you can save a lot of cash on Christmas gifts when you make them yourself, plus they give a more personal feeling to the season. Taking your time and effort to make something is a good way to share the warmth with others this holiday season.